Pro-CT Align


This phantom can be used to check the alignment of the internal and external lasers to the radiographic center of CT and PET/CT units and to verify lateral gantry angle. It can also be used with accelerator units to check vertical and lateral gantry angles, laser alignment and vertical table movement.

From € 1.200,00
Product description

Technical data (can be modified to customer specifications):

  • made of transparent PMMA 150x150x50mm
  • large 150x150mm sides include:
    – centering scribe lines that go across the phantom on one side
    – two large holes 9.5mm in diameter, 106mm apart center to center in the exact center of a quadrant of the phantom
  • small 50x150mm sides include:
    – scribed lines through the center of all four sides
    – 2 of those sides are also scribed 50mm from center
    – 3 pinholes one at center and two 50mm from center
    – center pinholes are 1.5mm in diameter and hold a tungsten pin 15mm long
    – off center pinholes are 1.0mm in diameter
  • scribed lines are 1.3mm wide and white for ease of viewing
  • optional 5.5mm diameter tungsten ball in the center for sterotactic collimator verification ( it is removable for CT applications)
  • optional insert containing 5 aluminium seeds 1mm in diameter and 5mm long with a chart  indicating center to center spacing between seeds
  • levelling platform:
    – made of transparent PMMA
    – dimensions: 150x150x10mm
    – bubble level and three levelling screws

Product features:

  • complies with:
    – IEC 61223-3-5
    – IEC 61223-2-6
  • CE certified
  • the Manual provides detailed guidelines for carrying out each test, results assessment and registration
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