Pro-NM DualSource


This scatter phantom simulates in-vivo forward and backscatter characteristics of 99mTc gamma rays for the extrinsic measurement of a scintillation camera’s deadtime. The phantom produces a spectrum typical of that observed from 99mTc in the myocardium.
Reference: Ralph Adams, Gerald J. Hine, and C. Duane Zimmerman, “Deadtime Measurements in Scintillation Cameras Under Scatter Conditions Simulating Quantitative Nuclear Cardiography,” The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 19 (1978), 538-544.

€ 800,00
Product description

Technical data (can be modified to customer specifications):

  • made of PMMA
  • dimensions: 150 x 200 x 200 mm
  • the two holes are used to hold the radioactive sources
    – hole dimensions: Ø 17mm x 120mm deep
    – spaced 50 mm apart (center-to-center) 
    – distance from the face of the phantom: 50 mm

Product features:

  • Complies with:
    – NEMA Standards Publication (NU 1-2001) Performance Measurements of Scintillation Cameras
    – NEMA Standards Publication (NU-1 2007) Gamma Cameras
    – AAPM Report No. 9 - Computer Aided Scintillation Camera Acceptance Testing
    – AAPM Report No. 22 - Rotating Scintillation Camera SPECT Acceptance Testing and Quality Control
    – ACR–SNM (Res. 5 – 2011) technical standard for diagnostic procedures using radiopharmaceuticals
  • CE certified
  • the Manual provides detailed guidelines for carrying out each test, results assessment and registration
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