Shielded Biological Safety Cabinet Class A2


Nuclear Shields designed and manufactures a lead-lined biological safety cabinet type A2 with 5 mm lead shielding to protect personnel from ionizing radiation when working with radiopharmaceuticals. The workspace is shielded with 5 mm lead, but any lead thickness is available upon request. The shielded biosafety cabinet includes a lead lined generator cabinet and a lead lined dose calibrator and waste disposal cabinet. The dose calibrator can be shielded with extra lead shielding rings to minimize background radiation. More information on the shielded biological safety cabinet can be found below.

  • - Clean stainless steel design
  • - Filtration and airflow control unit
  • - Sliding lead glass viewing window
  • - Electric generator lift

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Product description

Lead-Lined Biological Safety Cabinet Features:

Certifications & Compliances

  • - Shielded Biological Safety Cabinet Class 2 Type A
  • - ISO 14644-1 Certified Workspace
  • - According to EN-12469; NSF49
  • - ECGMP Grade A (class 100)

Lead Radiation Shielding & Protection

  • - 5 mm lead shielding in worktop, back wall and lateral walls
  • - 40 mm lead shielding around the generators
  • - 20 mm lead shielding for waste disposal compartment (Optional)
  • - 40 mm lead shielding for dose calibrator compartment (Optional)
  • - 6 mm lead equivalent sliding lead glass window size 300 x 600 x 30 mm (H x W x D)
  • - Protective 8 mm security glass
The protected glass window can be moved up and down manually and the lead glass window is just behind the protected glass window, to give maximum product and personal protection. The protective glass window can be locked down to prevent unauthorised accesses to the work area and generators.

Functionality & Design

    External dimension options (width x depth x height):
  • 1333 x 844 x 1552 mm
  • 1638 x 844 x 1552 mm
  • 1943 x 844 x 1552 mm

  • Working space options (width x depth x height):
  • 1095 x 600 x 650 mm
  • 1400 x 600 x 650 mm
  • 1705 x 600 x 650 mm

  • - Easy-to-clean design, GMP compliant
  • - Generator compartment can fit up to two Tc99m generators. Incl. integrated generator lifts.
  • - Dose Calibrator lifting equipment, integrated monitor and dose calibrator are optional.
  • - Inside completely stainless steel (AISI 316l)
  • - 2 mm thick outside covering stainless steel (AISI 304l)
  • - 3 mm thick tabletop made of AISA 316l
  • - Ergonomic Design
The generator compartment is shielded with 40mm lead around the generators. This compartment can fit up to 2 Tc99m generators (round or square). The generators can be loaded from inside the work area and lowered with two 24V electrical lifts inside the shielded compartments. The shielded compartments include a top access shielded hinge door (20 mm lead) incl. airtight seal.

The shielded waste compartment (20 mm lead) is situated in front of the dose calibrator compartment. It includes a plastic exchangeable waste container and can be accessed from the bottom cabinet.

Filtration & Control

  • - Prefiltering EF5
  • - HEPA Downflow Filter
  • - HEPA Exhaust Filter
  • - Carbon Filter
The controls panel with downflow control, filter pollution compensation, adjustable airspeed, maximum product & user protection, Exhaust protection with alarm, light switch. Panel can be programmed for the following languages: English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. The air motor is upgraded according to EEC-GMP directive; 0.45m/s +/-20%.


  • - Dose Calibrator lifting equipment, integrated monitor and dose calibrator are optional.
  • - Extra dose calibrator shielding rings
  • - Shielded waste disposal bin
Additional information
More Information
Finishing material Stainless steel
Shielding material Lead
Shielding thickness 5 / 10 mm
Viewing window Lead glass 4.8 density
Outside dimensions standard: 1638 x 844 x 1552 mm (w x d x h)
Inside dimensions standard: 1400 x 600 x 650 mm (w x d x h)
Filtration Prefiltering EF5 / Carbon filter / HEPA downflow + exhaust
Certifications & compliances See description
Weight 1100 Kg
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