X-Ray Protective Headwear


lead time: 4 weeks
shielding: 0.25 / 0.35 / 0.5 mm lead

Lead shielded headwear to protect the cranium from radiation exposure during medical imaging applications. There is an ongoing discussion about an increased risk in the occurrence of brain tumors in medical personnel due to high dose work environments, such as interventional radiology. Our range of x-ray protective headwear will protect the cranium from radiation exposure. Our x-ray protective headwear range consists of three types: open cap, enclosed cap with an airflow strip to allow body heat to escape, and an enclosed cap without airflow strip. Our headwear is comfortable and customizable in terms of shielding thickness and cap type.

To choose your preferred x-ray protective headwear configuration, simply use the dropdown menu below, or click here to contact us for the possibilities.

From € 109,00
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