Automatic Dispenser for Radiopharmaceuticals


The UniDose provides a quick way of preparing radiopharmaceuticals, decreases the risk of medication errors and minimizes radiation exposure for technicians. The following activities are performed automatically:

  • - Patient dose preparation
  • - Substance withdrawing
  • - Lowering the syringe into the dose calibrator well
  • - Placement of the filled syringe into the shielded container

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Product description

UNIDOSE, a reliable and fast automated dispensing system for radiopharmaceuticals.

  • - Full automation of the syringe filling process.
  • - Smart & Compact size fits within any laminar chamber.
  • - High throughput –cycle time < 20 sec.
  • - Supports different syringes, pigs and vials.
  • - Reduced needle wear
  • - Full integration with ec2software to provide complete solution.
  • - High accuracy and repeatability of volume withdrawal.
  • - Options available –prefill, volume adjust, concentration adjust, needle type.
  • - Smart vial shutter for radiation-protected.
  • - Emergency button

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