Nuclear Shields is a manufacturer of X-ray protection products for radiology departments. We can provide any type of lead shielding for your x-ray protection needs. Our lead casting department with more than 40 years of experience in radiation shielding can manufacture the x-ray shielding you need. Our standard range of x-ray protection products will include the essentials, which will be less expensive than custom-made x-ray shielding. These essentials will include personal radiation protection products such as mobile x-ray barriers with lead glass, stationary x-ray barriers and lead-lined walls, to protect adjacent rooms from x-ray radiation.

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New in Radiology

Nuclear Shields offers all kinds of shieldings that are required in radiology departments, such as mobile radiation shields, shielded building materials and other custom shieldings. Furthermore, Nuclear Shields also offers X-ray CT imaging products like phantoms, collimators and anti-scatter grids.

  • 40 Years experience
  • Manufacturer
  •  ISO Certified
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