Imaging Solutions

Imaging Solutions

Nuclear Shields offers a wide range of collimators and phantoms. Collimators are used for gamma camera's and x-ray devices. They collimate radiation and filter scatter. We can supply collimators for most imaging devices on the market. These collimators can be designed according to the desired resolution and sensitivity.

We also offer phantoms next to collimators. Phantoms are used to calibrate the imaging devices and to simulate your imaging. Collimators & Phantoms can be delivered for clinical and pre-clinical applications.

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New in Imaging Solutions
By using the most precise and linear collimators/anti scatter grids made from lead or tungsten, we can make sure that the collimator we deliver will improve the contrast in your image for your pixelated detector. Our collimators can be produced to exactly line-up with the pixel separation within high tolerances giving you the best full pixel exposure. Our collimators and anti-scatter grids can be used for different applications like Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Homeland Security and Electron Microscopes.
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