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Nuclear Shields is a manufacturer of lead radiation shielding solutions with 40 years of experience. Since we have our own lead casting department, Nuclear Shields can produce custom shielding according to your requirements very quickly with a competitive price. Any high density radiation shielding request can be manufactured.

We can produce all high density radiation shielding that may be required to effectively protect from ionizing radiation. Our standard radiation shielding product range includes nuclear medicine equipment, x-ray protection, radiation shielding walls, and more. Different types of radiation require different radiation shielding methods. Nuclear Shields produces high density radiation shielding solutions to effectively shield indirectly ionizing radiation.

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What is radiation shielding?

Radiation shielding is designed and calculated according to the ALARA principle, which means As Low As Reasonably Achievable. It is important to know that there are three basic factors that provide safety from radiation exposure: Time, Distance and Shielding. Spend as little time as necessary in the presence of radioactive sources and keep as much distance as possible. To add additional safety, radiation shielding should often be used. The shielding material and thickness of this material should be calculated based on many factors. These radiation shielding calculations should be performed by an authorized person. For gamma and x-ray, the most used shielding materials are lead, tungsten or concrete, depending on the required size of the shielding and the available budget.

Different radiation types require different radiation shielding methods and materials. Ionizing radiation can be categorized in two main categories: indirectly ionizing radiation and directly ionizing radiation. Indirectly ionizing radiation includes neutrons, gamma rays and x-rays. Directly ionizing radiation includes charged particles, being beta particles and alpha particles. Nuclear shields has 40 years of experience in shielding indirectly ionizing radiation for different industries. We provided radiation shielding solutions for healthcare, nuclear energy, research and many other industries.


There are multiple departments in the healthcare sector that are exposed to radiation. It is important to protect both patients and personnel from ionizing radiation exposure in hospitals. This may be achieved by shielding walls, and sources with lead or other radiation shielding materials.

Radiation shielding for nuclear medicine

The most common shielding used in nuclear medicine are the hot lab necessities such as lead bricks, tungsten syringe shields, vial shields, lead lined cabinets and shielded waste bins. Lead is mostly used as standard shielding material for nuclear medicine, except for syringe and vial shields. This is because of tungsten’s higher density, making it possible to keep shields as small as possible to optimize handling speeds.

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