Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Shields designs and manufactures a wide range of nuclear medicine related products, such as shielded cabinets, mobile lead containers, and more. We also offer radiation detection devices to be able to provide you with the complete package for radiation shielding and detection.

Nuclear Shields is a manufacturer of lead shielding for gamma radiation in nuclear medicine departments. Products include radioisotope storage safes, radioactive waste disposal bins and radiation monitoring systems. Lead is the most efficient material for gamma radiation protection in terms of cost and space effectiveness. Due to it's high density, lead is a shielding material that requires very little space to meet radiation shielding requirements.

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New in Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Shields is the go-to place for nuclear medicine products and radiation protection related products. We developed and manufacture our own range of lead-lined hot lab cabinets which have a modular design. The lead lined laboratory furniture has lead shielding all around, which provides maximum protection against ionizing radiation. Next to our modular lead-lined enclosures, we have experience with custom made radiation shielding solutions, such as cyclotron L-Block Stations, QC L-Block Stations, Hot Cells, Shielded Laminair Flow Cabinets and much more. We also offer radiation monitoring and detection solutions to provide maximum radiation safety. These products will keep you and your nuclear medicine department safe.

There are many radiation protection solutions that can be implemented to meet the radiation protection requirements in your radiopharmacy.

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