Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Shields manufactures radiation shielding solutions for the nuclear energy sector. Because of our own lead casting department, we are able to deliver custom shielding requests with a competitive price and short production times. With 40 years of experience in lead casting, radiation shielding and medical imaging, we can guarantee high quality shielding solutions.

Nuclear Shields has designed a special nuclear waste container for storage optimization and is suitable for the highest amount of activity from Cs-137. Other products we can manufacture and supply are radiation shielding walls, interlocking lead bricks to build enclosures and custom lead shielding parts.

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New in Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Shields has previously manufactured and designed radiation shielding solutions for the nuclear energy sector. These solutions include shielding for a molybdenum production facility, nuclear fuel rod holders and more.

Click here to view a small collection of our custom made solutions.

  • 40 Years experience
  • Manufacturer
  •  ISO Certified
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