Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Shields manufactures radiation shielding solutions for the nuclear energy sector. Because of our own lead casting department, we are able to deliver custom shielding requests with a competitive price and short production times. With 40 years of experience in lead casting, radiation shielding and medical imaging, we can guarantee high quality shielding solutions.

We have developed radiation shielding for a molybdenum production facility and have the capabilities and experience to produce large lead panels which may be used for large nuclear hot cells, shielding of walls, and other applications. More information about our custom lead shielding parts can be found here. One of our solutions for nuclear energy are shielded electrical shutters for waste pass-through from the ceiling into a dedicated area. Lead blankets are also widely used in the nuclear energy sector for radiation shielding purposes. Our lead wool blankets are layered in lead wool rope, which increases the attenuation while minimizing any gaps, and have handles for improved handling.

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New in Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Shields has previously manufactured and designed radiation shielding solutions for the nuclear energy sector. These solutions include shielding for a molybdenum production facility, nuclear fuel rod holders and more.

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