Nuclear Lead Glass


Nuclear Shields provides gamma lead glass viewing windows for gamma and nuclear radiation protection. These gamma lead glass blocks can be produced in different dimensions and lead equivalencies. The photographs on the left are of an x-ray lead glass block with a total thickness of 30 mm and a lead equivalency of 12,5 mm. The smaller lead glass pieces have a lead equivalency of 2 mm for tc-99m syringe shields. A gamma and nuclear protection glass block with a lead equivalency of 12,5 mm will provide the same amount of radiation protection as a regular lead shielding block with a thickness of 12,5 mm.

Different sizes and lead equivalencies available.

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Product description

Gamma lead glass

Lead glass can be used to provide visibility of handling operations while still protecting the person from radiation exposure. We can offer lead glass parts in many forms and shapes. Holes can be made in the lead glass to place gloveports.

Integration of lead glass parts
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