Germanium detector shield


lead time: 8-10 weeks

Our newest model low background lead castle used for detector shielding. The low background lead and additional copper lining provide an internal environment with minimal background radiation for accurate readings.

  • - Newest model!
  • - Smooth sliding door
  • - Minimal background radiation

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Product description

Our low background lead castle models:

Low background lead castle models from Nuclear Shields

Nuclear Shields designs and manufactures germanium detector shields, also known as low background lead castles. These detector shields have an inner shielding of lead with a lower amount of Bq/Kg. This lead is also called low background lead or virgin lead. This lead is mostly found on the bottom of the sea in old shipwrecks from the 1800s.

Germanium detectors in gamma spectroscopy

Gamma spectroscopy is used to determine the identity of gamma emitters in a gamma source. It is a required tool in radiometric assay. By measuring a gamma emitting source with a germanium detector it is possible to determine which gamma emitters are present and in which quantity.

The low background lead has a lower amount of Bq/Kg. This means that it is very suitable for use in high precision measurements. Low background lead is integrated in our detector shields to provide an inner environment with as little background radiation as possible. This low background radiation environment will improve the lower limit of detection and reduce counting times.

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More Information
Finishing material Epoxy coated lead
Shielding material Lead | Low background lead | Copper
Shielding thickness 100 mm lead | 2 mm copper lining (different thicknesses possible)
Inside dimensions 310 x 412 mm (diameter x height)
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