Nuclear Hot Cell


We design and manufacture nuclear hot cells on request fully according to your specific needs and situation. Our production facility is equipped to handle all activities in-house, from lead casting to spray-painting and final assembly of the parts.

  • - 40 years of expertise in radiation shielding
  • - Full range in-house production capabilities
  • - Flexible project related support

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Product description
Large lead panels for hot cell shielding

Hot cells for handling radioactive materials

Thick lead shielded panels are installed on all sides of the hot cell to protect the user from high dose exposure. The safe containment box inside the hot cell is made from stainless steel with rounded edges to provide a safe working space for operations on radioactive materials. The inside of the hot cell is visible through heavy lead glass viewing window. The radioactive materials can be handled by using remote control manipulator tongs.

Manufacturers of hot cells

We provide the complete service from design to final production. Our 40 years of experience makes us a reliable partner for radiation shielding solutions. All production steps can be done in-house, which improves traceability, quality control and communication. Below you will find a list of our factory departments.

  • - Two office clusters for Nuclear Shields and Nuclear Fields International. Nuclear Shields is the sales department of the factory (Nuclear Fields International B.V.)
  • - Three assembly lines for the (glue) assembly of radiation shielding and collimators. Parts are prepared for processing in the spray-painting department.
  • - Lead casting department with three lead ovens to provide plenty of capacity for lead pouring operations.
  • - Two CNC machining departments with a total of 16 CNC machines and robot arms for separate production of lead, steel and aluminum parts/ products.
  • - Two welding departments for separate welding of steel and stainless steel parts.
  • - Quality control department with radioactive sources and medical cameras to provide quality control of collimators and other products.
  • - Spray-painting and sanding department for processing of diverse products. This department includes two distinguished rooms for spray-painting of small and large products and a heated dry cabin.
Additional information
More Information
Finishing material Stainless steel / Coated steel / Coated lead / etc.
Shielding material Lead / Lead glass (optional)
Shielding thickness Customer specific
Viewing window Lead glass (optional)
Outside dimensions Customer specific
Inside dimensions Customer specific
Filtration Customer specific
Certifications & compliances Customer specific
Weight Customer specific
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