Lead Curtains


Lead curtains for radiation shielding of your x-ray scanning equipment. The leaded curtains will be custom made to your specific x-ray system engineering, color and protection level requirements. We will also take the items going through the curtains into account. This will include weight and size of the items, so the weight and sturdiness of the curtains can be adjusted accordingly. We have two different types of curtains.

Standard lead curtains

Our standard curtains have an outer covering that is made of double sided PVC vinyl impregnated with leaded vinyl.

Lightweight lead curtains

Our curtains for lightweight items has a low coefficient outer coating with mesh scrim reinforcer which is impregnated with leaded vinyl. This design improves the passthrough of lightweight items.

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Finishing material Standard durable dual sided PVC vinyl
Shielding material Leaded vinyl
Shielding thickness 0.25 / 0.35 / 0.5 / 0.7 / 1.0 mm
Outside dimensions Sheet size (1219 x 2438 mm) or custom made size
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