Radioactive Source Storage Cabinet


lead time: 12-14 weeks

  • - Plenty of storage capacity
  • - Easy installation in small spaces
  • - Electronic access control system incl. logbook and software
  • - Small footprint
Nuclear Shields designed and manufactures this lead-lined radioactive source storage cabinet. This shielded radioactive source storage cabinet has a small footprint, making it suitable for facilities that have a small space for storage of their industrial radiography gamma projectors. Our shielded cabinet is designed to be easily installed in small spaces by using smart techniques and handling equipment.

The smart design of this lead-lined storage cabinet is easy to install, which will save you money by reducing the installation time.

We can design and manufacture these lead-lined source storage cabinets tailored to your needs. Our custom design includes: lead shielding thickness, dimensions, amount of drawers, and more.

Please click here to see our range of our lead shielded cabinets for nuclear medicine hotlabs.

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Product description

Complete source storage solution

Nuclear Shields designed and produces an all-around shielding solution for storing radioactive sources. Our shielded source storage cabinet has standard three rows of drawers (twelve in total), and a top row with doors (four in total). This shielded radioactive source storage cabinet is available with an advanced and highly customizable access control system.

Optimized for large-scale gamma radiography testing

This shielded radioactive source storage cabinet is perfect for storing gamma source projectors, such as the Sentinel Delta 880. The industrial radiography source projector storage cabinet is standard shielded with 25 mm of lead shielding. The dimensions of the compartments can be customized to make the shielded source storage cabinet fit inside a small area while still having enough storage capacity to store the industrial radiography gamma projectors.

Installing the shielded radioactive source storage cabinet

Installation is quick and easy due to the smart design. By using a vacuum lifter and a roundsling, compact lead shielding plates can be easily placed into position. Installing the shielded radioactive source storage cabinet will only take one day with the correct handling equipment. Even in small spaces.

Keep your radioactive sources safe and monitored

This industrial radiography gamma projector storage cabinet is available with an electric access control system using badges and electromagnets to secure the radioactive sources. The access control software enables the admin to add personnel to the user list and hand out personalized badges. These personalized badges can give a person access to specific compartments. The logbook will show which user has unlocked a specific compartment at which time and date.

Pressing the button of the compartment you want to unlock and holding your badge against the scanner will unlock your chosen compartment if you have been given the rights to open that compartment by the admin. After you have done that, the compartment can be opened for a specific time, which has been determined by the admin. Closing the door or drawer after this period will automatically lock the compartment.

Lead lined cabinet to store radioactive materials
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