Lead Shielded Cask


shielding: see specifications below
lead time: approx. 12 weeks

Nuclear Shields designed and manufactures shielded casks for overpacking and transporting 200 liter drums. Information about the shielding of this shielded cask can be found in the specifications below. These shielded casks can be easily picked up with a forklift and lifted by a crane. The holes in the base construction on the bottom can be used to bolt this shielded cask to a trolley.

  • - Self shielded design with lead casting
  • - Designed for internal transportation
  • - Suitable for 200L drums containing radioactive waste
  • - Multiple handling options

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Product description

Internal transport of drums containing radioactive waste

These lead shielded casks are designed for transportation of 200 liter drums inside your facility. They can be easily picked up with a forklift or a crane. The entire cask including lid can be picked up with a crane by placing lifting eyes inside the outer holes. Holes are manufactured into the bottom frame to be able to mount the casks onto a trolley.

Locking the lead shielded cask

The casks can be locked by attaching a padlock through the smaller holes of the lid and cask. Alternately, bolt lock security seals can be attached through the small holes for a more secure locking of the cask. These seals have a number on them that can be used for internal logging of the seals.

Lead shielded cask lifting points made by Nuclear Shields
Additional information
More Information
Finishing material Epoxy coated steel
Shielding material Lead + steel
Shielding thickness 95 mm lead + 25 mm steel in sides / 72 mm lead + 30 mm steel in bottom + top
Outside dimensions 1000 x 1000 x 1567 mm (w x d x h)
Inside dimensions 660 x 937 mm (d x h)
Weight 4570 Kg
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