Shielded Syringe Holder


Nuclear Shields manufactures lead shielded syringe holders with 12.5 mm lead shielding to protect personnel from radioactive materials in syringes when working with radiopharmaceuticals. This shielded syringe holder is also available with incorporated needle recapper to minimize the risk of stick-incidents. The outside of this shielded syringe holder is finished with stainless steel to optimize cleanability and ease of decontamination.

  • - Optimized cleanability and ease-of-decontamination.
  • - High level of protection.
  • - Integrated needle recapper possible.

Our radiation shielding solutions catalog can be found in the tables below.

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Product description
Shielded syringe holder with needle recapper SH1112R - Nuclear Shields
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Finishing material Stainless steel
Shielding material Lead
Shielding thickness 12.5 mm (1/2")
Outside dimensions 75 x 170 mm (diameter x height)
Inside dimensions 35 x 153 mm (diameter x height)
Weight 3.75 Kg
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