Telescopic Survey Meter


lead time: usually 4-8 weeks

This wide range telescopic survey meter supports a wide variety of external detectors with a dose rate ranging 0.01 µSv/h to 10 Sv/h. This telescopic survey meter can be used as a standalone survey meter, or integrated into an existing system with current equipment and software. The built-in data memory, data upload functionality and optional integrated transmitter for remote transmission of survey data make this survey meter optimal for use in both small and large facilities.

The length of the pole has been improved to enable an extension of up to 4 meters. The external detector contains two GM tubes and features an external LED to provide vision and focus on the area being surveyed.

  • - Standalone or integrated into existing system
  • - Extends up to 4 meters
  • - Optional remote transmission of survey data

The price below is for the standard package, including: pole assembly, meter assembly and detector assembly (wide range gamma detector).

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Detector Energy compensated GM tube (ZP-1201 or equiv.)
Dose rate range (Sv) 0.1 µSv/h to 15 mSv/h
Dose rate range (R) 0.01 mR/h to 1.5 R/h
Linearity ±10% of reading
Energy range 50 keV - 2 MeV
Energy response Better than 20% for whole energy range
Sensitivity (137Cs) 16 cps/mR/h
Display Color TFT display
Threshold alarms User selectable for dose rate and accumulated dose
Power source Four 1.5 V AA batteries for 100 hours continuous operation
Housing Ruggedized plastic, IP-65 or IP-67
Operation temperature -20ºC to +50ºC
Humidity Up to 93% at 35ºC
Weight 440 g
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