Lead Shielded Safe


shielding: 32 mm lead
lead time: approx. 10 weeks

Store your radioactive sources in these small and modular lead lined safes.

Our lead lined safes are designed to store all of your radioactive sources, such as radiopharmaceuticals and gamma source projectors for radiographic testing.

Place a single lead shielded safe in your room, or create a storage setup by connecting multiple lead shielded source storage safes. The modular design enables you to easily expand your radioactive source storage capacity. The lead-lined storage safes can be stacked and connected to each other.

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Product description

Lead shielded safe

This lead lined safe is designed to store your radioactive materials safely with a standard shielding thickness of 32mm of lead. The lead is covered by coated steel to prevent any exposure to the lead. The lead shielded safe can be locked with a key and rim lock. A rubber stop has been attached to the side of the safe to prevent any damage to the coating when opened too hard.

Lead lined safe model for Sentinel Delta 880

A special design for radiographic testing has been developed to safely store the Sentinel Delta 880 gamma-ray source projector. This lead shielded safe has larger inside dimensions and offers more lead shielding. The RT safe is shielded with 40 mm lead and has inside dimensions of 285 x 285 x 360 mm.

Standard lead lined safes manufactured by Nuclear Shields

Article Code Shielding Thickness Inside Dimensions Weight
SC1317 17 mm lead 334 x 334 x 200 mm (w x d x h) +/- 200 kg
SC1432 32 mm lead 204 x 204 x 204 mm (w x d x h) +/- 200 kg
SC1440 40 mm lead 284 x 284 x 360 mm (w x d x h) +/- 450 kg
SC1440-2 40 mm lead 284 x 284 x 283 mm (w x d x h) +/- 420 kg
SC14040 32 mm lead 400 x 400 x 400 mm (w x d x h) +/- 560 kg
SC1462 62 mm lead 150 x 150 x 150 mm (w x d x h) +/- 250 kg
SC1510 10 mm lead (20 mm lead in front door) 300 x 300 x 300 mm (w x d x h) +/- 140 kg

Lead lined safe setup manufactured by Nuclear Shields
Lead Shielded Safe SC1432 manufactured and designed by  Nuclear Shields
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Finishing material coated steel | others on request
Shielding material lead
Shielding thickness see standard models under 'Product description'
Inside dimensions see standard models under 'Product description'
Weight see standard models under 'Product description'
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