Big-Screw Syringe Shield 3ml


Big-Screw tungsten syringe shields with large screw at the back to easily hold the syringe steady inside the syringe shield. The Big-Screw syringe shields are shielded with 2,1 mm tungsten and a 5.2 density lead glass viewing window. The body of the tungsten syringe shields is finished with anodized aluminum for cleanability and decontamination. This Big-Screw tungsten syringe shield is designed for 3 ml syringes. More information about the Big-Screw tungsten syringe shield for 3ml syringes can be found in the tables below.

Please choose your required inside dimensions according to your in-house syringes in the dropdown menu below.

From € 260,95
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Finishing material Anodized aluminum (for optimization of decontamination)
Shielding material Tungsten
Shielding thickness 2.1 mm
Viewing window Lead glass 5.2 density (48 x 12 x 10 mm)
Outside dimensions 68 x 20 x 27 mm / 68 x 21 x 28 mm (l x w x h)
Inside dimensions 11.5 x 68 mm / 13 x 68 mm (diameter x length)
Volume 3 ml
Weight 0.14 / 0.16 Kg (depends on chosen size)
Color Gold / yellow
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