Lead glass syringe shields


Shielding thickness: 2.5 mmPb equivalency / 2 mm tungsten
Sizes and models: see table below for more information
Lead time: depending on stock

Syringe shields with complete lead glass viewing window for optimal visibilty of the syringe. The clip-lock mechanism will make sure that the syringe is held in place. The anodized aluminum end cap is lined with 2 mm tungsten shielding on the inside to also provide shielding at the clip-lock mechanism, where the lead glass is not able to reach. This makes sure that you are optimally protected. The lead glass has been designed with rounded edges to increase the strenth. Our standard tungsten syringe shields have 2 mm tungsten shielding and are equipped with a small lead glass viewing window.

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Product description

Size chart | Lead glass syringe shields

Syringe volume Internal dimensions Big-screw code Clip-lock code
1 ml 8,8 x 72 mm SS2LGBS1-1 SS2LGCL1-1
1 ml 8,8 x 76 mm SS2LGBS1-2 SS2LGCL1-2
1 ml 11,5 x 76 mm SS2LGBS1-3 SS2LGCL1-3
2 ml 11,5 x 53 mm SS2LGBS2-4 SS2LGCL2-4
2 ml 11,5 x 60 mm SS2LGBS2-5 SS2LGCL2-5
3 ml 11,5 x 65 mm SS2LGBS3-6 SS2LGCL3-6
3 ml 11,5 x 69 mm SS2LGBS3-7 SS2LGCL3-7
5 ml 15,4 x 61 mm SS2LGBS5-8 SS2LGCL5-8
5 ml 15,4 x 65 mm SS2LGBS5-9 SS2LGCL5-9
5 ml 15,4 x 68 mm SS2LGBS5-10 SS2LGCL5-10
10 ml 18,2 x 75 mm SS2LGBS10-11 SS2LGCL10-11
10 ml 18,2 x 85 mm SS2LGBS10-12 SS2LGCL10-12
Additional information
More Information
Finishing material Anodized aluminum
Shielding material Tungsten / Lead glass
Shielding thickness 2,5 mmPb equivalency lead glass viewing window
Viewing window Lead glass
Inside dimensions See table in 'Product description'
Volume 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 10 ml
Weight Approx. 175g (for exact information please contact us)
Color Green / Silver (grey) / Gold (yellow) / Blue / Red
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