Lead glass vial shield


Tungsten vial shields with a lead glass viewing window completely covering the outside for maximum visibility. This vial shield has 4 mm tungsten shielding, with a 12.5 mm lead glass viewing window. The anodized aluminum top- and bottom covers are available in five colors (see reference image below). The cap is secured with strong magnets, which can be twisted to easily remove the cap to expose the elution hole.

  • - Maximum visibility
  • - Grips to easily disassemble
  • - Inserts available upon request

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Product description
Lead glass vial shields manufactured by Nuclear Shields
Additional information
More Information
Finishing material Anodized aluminum / Lead glass
Shielding material Tungsten / Lead glass
Shielding thickness 4 mm tungsten / 12.5 mm lead glass
Viewing window Complete visibility
Outside dimensions 65 x 91.60 mm (d x h)
Inside dimensions 30 x 59.30 mm (d x h)
Weight 1.1 kg
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