Mobile Lead Container


lead time: approx. 8 weeks

Radiation shielded container with cart for easy and ergonomic transportation. The lead container has been designed for high-energy, such as PET, with a lead shielding thickness of 50 mm (2"). The lead shielded container has been finished with enamel painted lead and the cart is made out of stainless steel. The handlebar and front wheel are swiveling, enabling more precise and secure movement of the cart. The front wheel of the cart can be locked to prevent accidental moving of the cart. Two lifting eyes have been added to be able to lift the lead shielded container out of the cart.

  • - Ergonomic transportation.
  • - Easy and secure transportation.
  • - Lifting eyes for container.

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Specifications of this mobile lead container can be found in the tables below.

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Additional information
More Information
Finishing material Stainless steel (cart) / Epoxy coated lead (container)
Shielding material Lead
Shielding thickness 50 mm (2")
Outside dimensions 600 x 270 x 600 mm (cart excl. handlebar) / 210 x 285 mm (lead container)
Inside dimensions lead container: 60 x 127 mm (diameter x height)
Weight 60 Kg
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