Lead Vial Pigs


shielding: 25 mm lead, other thicknesses can be requested
lead time: 8 weeks

Lead vial pig with 25 mm lead shielding to safely store and transport radioactive materials. These lead vial pigs are available in multiple lead shielding thicknesses. The outside has been finished with an epoxy coating.

This lead vial pig has been shielded with 25 mm of lead, making this vial pig suitable for nuclear medicine from Technetium-99m to 18F-FDG, but can also be made in different lead shielding thicknesses.

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Finishing material Epoxy coated lead
Shielding material Lead
Shielding thickness 25 mm (1")
Outside dimensions 120 x 94 mm
Inside dimensions 70 x 44 mm
Weight 8.2 Kg
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