Nuclear Waste Container


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Nuclear Shields designed a nuclear waste container for LLW and ILW storage. This nuclear waste container has multiple leak prevention layers to ensure containment of the radioactive materials. This nuclear waste container can be transported by forklift or crane. The nuclear waste container can be picked up with a heavy forklift on all four sides, with a crane attached to the lid and with a crane attached to the container itself. this nuclear waste container can be easily stacked to enable a maximum storage capacity of the radioactive waste depository.

  • - Many integrated leak prevention layers
  • - Drum handling & overpack system
  • - Self shielded by lead layer
  • - Can be manufactured according to customer specific requirements

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Product description
Nuclear waste container for LLW and ILW made by Nuclear Shields

Nuclear Decommissioning Waste Container

One of the main features of this nuclear waste container is the ability to directly store nuclear waste drums inside the container, which will then serve as a 4-drum overpack. This overpacking platform will decrease the waste management time and will add extra layers of leak protection, which will reduce the risk of expensive leaks. This container can also be used to directly store radioactive material instead of overpacking.

Container Handling


This nuclear waste container can be handled with a forklift or a crane. The base of the container has forklift entrances on all four sides, which makes handling this nuclear waste container very flexible.


The lifting eyes on top of the lid can be screwed on to remove the lid. Lifting eyes can be attached to the corner castings of the container to lift the entire container by crane. Lifting eyes can also be screwed into the drum handling system to lift the drums in and out of the container. Safety bumpers on the drum handling system help prevent damage to the container coating.


These nuclear waste containers can be stacked 3-high by inserting container stacking cones into the corner castings.

Radioactive Leak prevention

Multiple leak prevention layers have been added to this nuclear waste container, such as:

  1. Radiation resistant rubber seal
  2. High density PE drum baskets
  3. Three-layered coating
  4. 20 mm steel inner box
  5. Rigid steel outer cage

Three-layer coating

The steel of this nuclear waste container has been coated with a three-layer coating.

  1. Primer
  2. Undercoating
  3. Final paint

Bumpers have been attached to the drum handling system to prevent damage to the coating of the 20 mm thick steel inner box when placing the drums inside the container.

Radioactive Drum handling system

Nuclear Shields designed this nuclear waste container to enable quick and easy cleanup, storage and re-/ overpacking operations. The optional drum handling system makes it easy to repack and overpack existing and filled nuclear waste drums for safe storage.


Drums that may be old or damaged can be placed inside the cylindrical HDPE (high density polyethylene) tanks on the drum handling system, strapped and lifted into the nuclear waste container by crane. The lifting eyes can be screwed off once the drum handling system is placed inside the container.

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