Lead storage containers


Lead lined containers to store radiopharmaceuticals or other radioactive materials. We manufacture these containers based on your specifications to fit the equipment or materials you need to store or transport. These lead lined containers can be finished in multiple ways tailored to your needs:

  • - painted steel
  • - stainless steel
  • - (coated) steel

If the outside of the lead container is left unfinished, we will always paint the lead to prevent any exposure to the raw lead.

We also design and manufacture lead lined cabinets and safes to store equipment that requires shielding, such as nuclear densometers and radiographic testing equipment (i.e. sentinel delta 880).

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Finishing material painted lead / stainless steel / (coated) steel / etc.
Shielding material lead
Shielding thickness based on your specifications
Outside dimensions based on your specifications
Inside dimensions based on your specifications
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