Tungsten container


Shielding thickness: 20mm standard (other thickness possible)
Lead time: 6-8 weeks after receipt of purchase order

Store your radioactive sources in these tungsten containers with 20 mm tungsten shielding. The top lid has a tapered hole to accomodate dose drawing while minimizing radiation exposure. The hole can be shielded with a tungsten plug. It is optional to receive this plug threaded. If that is not necessary, we recommend not to thread the plug to keep the hole diameter as small as possible.

The standard tungsten shielding thickness is 20mm, but it is possible to customize the thickness if necessary. If the shielding thickness required is below 6mm, we recommend taking a look at our tungsten vial shields.

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Finishing material Tungsten
Shielding material Tungsten
Shielding thickness Standard 20mm (other thickness custom)
Inside dimensions 35 x 80mm (diameter x height)
Weight +/- 8kg
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